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Wernher's Old Stuff (WOS)

Wernher's Old Stuff (WOS)
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Old rocket parts from the dawn of the rocket age, back during kerbals Komplete Konflict II. Wernher von Kerben's legacy. Old Aggregate rockets including those that were never built. For Kerbal Space Program.

  • forty-nine (49) parts
    • 2 Custom IVA's
    • 16 Custom props
    • 12 Custom FX
    • Agency
    • 2 Custom flags
  • .craft
    • A4 (experimental)

By zer0Kerbal, originally TiktaalikDreaming

adopted with express permission and brought to you by KerbSimpleCo

Wernher's Old Stuff (WOS)

Preamble by TiktaalikDreaming

Over on my thread for the Nexus release, someone asked about the German A-12 orbiter rocket. It was never built, but was a fairly well sketched out idea.

I thought I'd "give it a go", but first I thought I'd check for the existing examples of V-2's and so on. But they don't seem to exist. For a game that recreates the slow progress of developing rockets, it seems to be missing. Especially seeing you're introduced to things but Werner von Kerman. Presumably the whole game takes place after Komplete Konflict II.

What's available is a V-2 (Vengence weapon 2) aka A-4 (Aggregate rocket 4). Two nose cones, the V-2 nose with explodyness, and a heat shield enabled nose cone, which is totally a-historical but also useful.

Also, some parts are available to build the A-4b (wings!), the A-9 (useless but cool looking wings and a cockpit) and the basics of the A-10 (booster stage). Plus "artist's impression" of A-11 and A-12, seeing as that's about as detailed as those designs got.

At some point I built a 3d model for the A-6 Redstone rocket which is partly derivative of the A-4, made-in-the-USA, and actually flew. FASA is a bit limbo, and users using the aggregate mod for progression would naturally look at bridging engines, so I added a basic A-6 Redstone to this mod. It has surprisingly low payload capability, so I need to double check my figures, but maybe it was just less horribly over-engineered than the aggregates. And using real world values to try to lift KSP components is fraught with dangerous thrust to weight ratios.

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Help Wanted

  • Compatibility patches
  • Contracts for these glorious parts
  • Sample crafts/subassemblies
  • Variant textures and model updates (add/improve: lights, iva, hatches et al)
  • Converting from FireSpitter to Stock and/or KSPWheel
  • Marketing Images and Videos such as hero shots, animated gifs, short highlights
  • Translations: See the README in the Localization folder for instructions for adding or improving translations. There is also the quick start guideGitHub push is the best way to contribute. Additions and corrections welcome!
  • Have a request? Glad to have them, kindly submit through GitHub.

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Author (1) - zer0Kerbal

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Original (ROOT) (0) - Author: TiktaalikDreaming

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