The TweakScale Companion Program is an ongoing effort to bring TweakScale /L support to a growing list of 3rd Parties Add'Ons.

Be aware, you need TweakScale and at least one of the supported 3rd Party Add'Ons installed. See below for a list of the current ones.

The ÜberPaket provides a mega package with all Companions currently published for the lazy installers. This package is updated sparingly, the Companion's repositories (listed below) will always be updated with the latest versions - and are still the preferred way to install them.

In a Hurry


TweakScale Companion Program is a series of "Add'On's Add'Ons", adding TweakScale /L support for third parties but decoupling the target Add'On's life cycle from TweakScale's , easing maintenance and distribution efforts.

The purpose of this project is to provide a centralised, controlled and curated (minimalistic) database to allow TweakScale to keep track of the Companions and propose actions to the user when needed, as well to make TweakScale user's life easier at first installs with a (most of the time) updated collection with all the currently available Companions at once.

Current Companions

Gold Status

Alphas, Betas and Release Candidades