Tarsier Space Technology Continued...

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Filename TarsierSpaceTech.zip
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Uploaded Jul 18, 2015
Game Version 1.0.4
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V5.4.1 Support for KSP 1.0.4. Attempting the impossible to improve the camera wobble in a 32bit Game engine where floating point errors are inevitable and a losing battle with what is called 'spatial jitter'.  
Have added Gyroscopic ReactionWheels to the Space Telescope parts.  
Have added a Button in the TST menu labeled "F/T" that appears to each space telescope.   
Pressing this button will bring up a fine tuning window that allows you to:  
Fine tune the Gyroscopic ReactionWheels "Sensitivity" (default=1) and "Powerscale" (default=0.10 torque) using sliders.  
Have added fine tuning of the SAS PID controller "KP (default=12), KI (default=6), KD (default=0.5)" values through three sliders on the same window.  
If you don't know how a PID controller works or these values you can start reading up here.