Tarsier Space Technology Continued...

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Filename TarsierSpaceTech.zip
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Uploaded Jun 13, 2015
Game Version 1.0.2
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V5.3 Fixed GUI issue with some mods like Critical Temperature Gauges.  
     ToolBar and Stock AppLauncher buttons/icons and the GUI will now only  appear if you have TST parts attached to the active vessel.  
     Now compatible with Kopernicus MOD and it's config mods.  
     Saved Camera pictures now saved in two sizes (the camera window size,  AND Full Screen sized).  
     Can also now save pictures from the ChemCam part  (previously only telescopes could save pictures).  
     Fixed misc screen messages in relation to collecting science and taking  pictures.  
V5.2 Added check for local control when using Remote Tech (as well as antenna control from V5.1).