Tarsier Space Technology Continued...

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Filename TarsierSpaceTech.zip
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Uploaded May 29, 2015
Game Version 1.0.2
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Added Menu (GUI) that can be opened/closed via the stock AppLauncher or Toolbar by Blizzy.
Menu shows telescopes, chemcams and SDDs on vessel. Allows you to open/close cameras, Camera GUI, fill SDDs and view science directly from the GUI.
Added Menu items to camera screen to view Celestial Bodies (just like the Galaxy list) so you can set camera target from the list.
Added Action Menu support for open/close cameras and fill SDDs.
Added Distant Object Enhancement mod support.
Added a Config file with the following Settings:-
FwindowPosX,Y - X and Y position for the new GUI window.
CwindowPosX,Y - X and Y position for the Telescopes/ChemCam Camera GUI window.
GalwindowPosX,Y - X and Y position for the Galaxy list window.
BodwindowPosX,Y - X and Y position for the Celestial Bodies list window.
ChemwinSml, Lge - ChemCam Window Size in pixels for both small and large window. (can now toggle small and large windows for the ChemCam just like the Telescope camera GUI).
TelewinSml, Lge - Same as the ChemCam Window size but this is for the telescope camera GUI.
UseAppLauncher = true / false - if True uses the in-game Application Launcher buttons for the new Menu GUI. If set to false, will use Toolbar by Blizzy (optional separate mod install).
debugging = False / True - Turns on/off Log Spam for debugging purposes.