Tarsier Space Technology Continued...

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Uploaded May 8, 2015
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Added KAS and KIS support for the small HDD(SDD) - Requires Module Manager to be installed. Can now STORE science data into SDDs via EVA. Reminder Warning: Storing and removing science data from SDDs lose some science value each time (data corruption feature). Drive Capacity for SDDs upped to 120mits (about 4 pictures) and 480mits (about 16 pictures). Re-balance max temperatures of parts. The Small Telescope now only returns 80% of max science value for pictures of planetoids and 50% of max science value for pictures of galaxies. The Large Telescope returns Full science value. Added Science descriptions for the Galaxies. Added lab boost to Science gathered - science can now be boosted in the Mobile Lab. Added KSP-AVC support. Converted all PNGs to DDS files now supported in KSP 1.0.x.