Stockalike Station Parts Expansion

134,531 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 22, 2018 Game Version: 1.5.1

This pack contains many stockalike station parts to improve the quality of your space station and surface base construction. They also look great as part of ships or landers.



1.25m parts3.75m parts

1.25m parts3.75m parts

Known Issues:

  • IVAs for the 2.5m parts are still works in progress
  • IVAs for the 3.75m parts are blocked out and merely white

Future Plans:

  • More 3.75 m sized parts
  • Greenhouses, cargo/utility pods
  • Ladders and heavy duty landing legs

This parts pack bundles RasterPropMonitor, distributed under its own license. Additional details including source can be found in the linked thread. 


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