Last Updated: Jun 1, 2017 Game Version: 1.3


Aug 7, 2014

Owner: magico13

This mod allows funds to be recovered from dropped stages so long as they have parachutes attached (not necessarily deployed). It is based on code that I created for Kerbal Construction Time.

What can this mod do:

  • Recover funds from stages that have enough parachutes to drop the terminal velocity to a safe level
  • Two funds recovery models: Flat Rate, where once the velocity drops below a cutoff a flat rate is returned; or Variable Rate (default), where the velocity within an intermediate range determines the recovery percentage (following a quadratic relationship)
  • Works with Stock parachutes and Real Chutes parachutes
  • Recovery percentage (flat rate model) is configurable (default of 75% of the normal for the current distance from KSC, 100% if a probe core or Kerballed command pod is attached)
  • All cutoff velocities are easily configurable with in-game sliders in the in-game settings menu
  • Recovery does not require that parachutes are deployed, only attached (but it is a good idea to deploy them at low altitudes)
  • Recover Kerbals in dropped/returned stages
  • Recover science in dropped/returned stages
  • Integrates with stock message system (reports can be disabled in the setting file)
  • Easy to use, non-intrusive GUI for viewing Recovered and Destroyed Stages.
  • Editor helper to help you figure out just how many parachutes you need.
  • Has an easy to use API that other mods can tie into to be notified of recovery events (success or failure)
  • Support for KSP-AVC for version checking
  • Recovery stages using their engines (aka, powered recovery)

 A review by none other than Scott Manley himself (also reviewing FMRS):


Please visit the forum page for additional information:


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