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SpaceY Expanded (SYX)

SpaceY Expanded (SYX)
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Code SpaceY.Expanded.dll

An expansion pack for the SpaceY Lifters (SYL) parts addon which adds 7.5m parts, plus additional engines, accessories, and other parts that go beyond the original stated purpose of SpaceY Heavy Lifters. **Requires both SpaceY Corp (SYC) and SpaceY Lifters (SYL).

By [zer0Kerbal][zer0Kerbal], originally by NecroBones

adopted with express permission and brought to you by KerbSimpleCo

SpaceY Expanded (SYX))

Forward by NecroBones

This parts pack is an expansion for the SpaceY Lifters (SYL) pack and requires that one as a dependency.

The name is a play on "SpaceX" in the real world, but also has the amusing double connotations of being "spacey", and also "Space, why?" -- Because it's there!

We hope you enjoy this pack. If you have any comments or feedbacplease feel free to send a private message to NecroBones [zer0Kerbal][zer0Kerbal] on the forums. Thanks!

Part of the NecroBones suite of mods, that work nicely together!

Design Goals

  • Provide some new visual styles, to dress up the booster sections of your rockets.
  • Help mildly reduce part count and wobble, by providing larger tanks.
  • Be as memory efficient as possible.
  • Each diameter has a shared texture to keep memory usage low.
  • Follow the same colors and artistic style established in Color Coded Canisters.


  1. Note that the stats, appearances, and descriptions of the parts shown below are subject to change, or may be out of date.
  2. The "Delta IV Heavy" shown in some screenshots below includes parts from several other mods.

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  • English English
  • Spanish (Español) Spanish (Español) - gracias Fitiales
  • Russian (Русский) Russian (Русский) - спасибо evanisrael
  • your translation here

Help Wanted

  • Logo(s) for SpaceY Expanded (SYX)
  • Compatibility patches
  • Contracts for these glorious parts
  • Variant textures and model updates (add/improve: lights, iva, hatches et al)
  • Marketing Images and Videos such as hero shots, animated gifs, short highlights
  • Translations: See the README's in the Localization folder for instructions for adding or improving translations. There is also the quick start guide(s)GitHub push is the best way to contribute. Additions and corrections welcome!
  • Have a request? Glad to have them, kindly submit through GitHub.

Installation Directions

Most recent releases only available via CurseForge/OverWolf Website/App

CurseForge/OverWolf App






parts, config

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How to get support

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Credits and Special Thanks

Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance)

Author (1) - [zer0Kerbal][zer0Kerbal]

Forum: Thread - Source: GitHub - Download CurseForge
License: License License

Original Author (ROOT) (0): NecroBones

Forum: Thread - Download: SpaceDock - Source: CurseForge
License: License License


  • All bundled mods are distributed under their own licenses

  • All assets, including but not limited to: animations, models, sounds and textures are distributed under their own licenses. License

  • see Notices for more legal Mumbo Jumbo

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