Solar Science

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Salutations! May the sunlight always be upon you!


This small mod adds a couple new scientific instruments (such as the one pictured here) which do science specifically around the most wondrous body in the Kerbol system. Both of these instruments are based upon instruments currently aboard the SOHO and STEREO spacecraft. It also adds a few new flags.


To install, like most other mods, simply download the linked file, unzip it, and

drop the folder it gives you into Kerbal Space Program>GameData.




This project is up for adoption. While I have lost some of the source files due to a computer change, however I am willing to provide everything I have to anybody willing.


The Source Code, models, and textures are provided. These are provided in .cs, .fbx, and .png formats, respectively, under their appropriate folders; the code is in Solar Science>Plugins, and the models/textures are in Solar Science>Parts>Science. By the license, you can do anything you please with them as long as you don't profit and you give credit to me. Preferably, this would amount to mention of "Snoopy 20111."


Remember to Praise the Sun!



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