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3M Downloads Updated Jan 12, 2021 Created May 6, 2014

Autopilot, Information displays, and general Automation plugin

1.4M Downloads Updated Jan 5, 2021 Created Jul 23, 2014

Kerbal Engineer reveals important statistics about your ship and its orbit during building and flight.

57.9K Downloads Updated Dec 26, 2020 Created Jan 6, 2020

New probe and communication parts

167K Downloads Updated Dec 27, 2020 Created Mar 2, 2018

Build stations with inflables, centrifuges and much much more!

537K Downloads Updated Dec 29, 2020 Created May 8, 2014

The Docking Port Alignment Indicator is designed to help you dock manually, by presenting target...

491K Downloads Updated Apr 25, 2020 Created May 7, 2014

The Kerbal Alarm Clock is a plugin that allows you to create reminder alarms at...

542K Downloads Updated Jul 28, 2017 Created Oct 19, 2014

Large, Sleek Spaceplane Parts!

59.8K Downloads Updated Dec 29, 2020 Created Aug 29, 2018

Advanced aircraft engines and accessories

320K Downloads Updated Mar 20, 2020 Created Aug 29, 2014

A plugin for Kerbal Space Program which adds some SSTV, beeps, and nonsensical radio chatter...

304K Downloads Updated Dec 28, 2020 Created Jun 3, 2014

A life support system from Thunder Aerospace Corporation (TAC).

78.2K Downloads Updated Feb 11, 2018 Created Aug 7, 2017

A small parts pack aiming to give players a chance to play with some spaceX...

273K Downloads Updated Jan 20, 2021 Created Oct 22, 2015

Interstellar Fuel Switch is mend for mod makers which want to add resource/mesh/texture switching...

353K Downloads Updated Apr 2, 2018 Created Nov 17, 2014

Parts for large lifting rockets, 5m rocket parts and large SRBs, and matching decouplers.

41.1K Downloads Updated Jan 19, 2021 Created Aug 3, 2017


8K Downloads Updated Aug 3, 2020 Created Jun 14, 2020

Persistent Thrust is a plugin that allows you to use your engines during timewarp, allowing...

56.1K Downloads Updated Sep 6, 2020 Created Mar 6, 2016

This mod is intended to recreate, visually and functionally, the Endurance spacecraft from the movie...

3.1K Downloads Updated Jan 7, 2021 Created Dec 29, 2020

Optimistic but generally viable future spacecraft technologies.

29K Downloads Updated Apr 17, 2020 Created Jun 20, 2018

This mod is designed to help Sci-fi enthusiasts to create crafts of their dreams. ...

82.6K Downloads Updated Jan 19, 2021 Created May 7, 2014

kOS is a scriptable autopilot Mod for Kerbal Space Program. It allows you write small...

32.5K Downloads Updated Jan 19, 2021 Created Jun 16, 2015

More radiators to manage your spacecraft's temperature