Rovers Pack

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014 Game Version: 0.24.2


Jun 14, 2014

Owner: Yogui8787

A pack of 2 rover's replicas with their travel capsule and landing module.

 DSL Pandora (MSL Curiosity replica)


- Skycrane with engines and an animated winch for soft landing

- NavCam with first person view

- ChemCam with laser to make science

- Animated robotic arm for more science


- Prometheus solar rover (MER Spirit/Opportunity replica) and the airbags nacelle

(still under updating, coming soon)


To play this mod you need to download Infernal Robotics and Hullcam VDS plugins. CleverBobcat plugin included in this pack.

In the next updates:

- Prometheus rover updated

- Sojourner replica

Follow updates and report issues to the official developpement thread.



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