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936 Downloads Updated Mar 20, 2020 Created Jan 18, 2020

Simple resource sharing among landed vessels. originally by RealGecko

21.7K Downloads Updated May 14, 2016 Created Feb 13, 2016

A less parts, less laggy, shipbuilding experience

35K Downloads Updated Dec 23, 2018 Created Oct 16, 2014

his addon allows you to add and customize fuel types/quantities in stock, B9, and ProceduralWings!

36.6K Downloads Updated Aug 6, 2017 Created Jun 24, 2015

Total set of parts from nuclear reactors to magnetic cooling to virtual particle technology to...

12.2K Downloads Updated May 30, 2016 Created Feb 9, 2016

A Star Wars BD Armory addon that adds lasers

2.1K Downloads Updated Mar 25, 2020 Created Apr 2, 2018

Enables the hidden output cap on fuel cells. Let your solars do some of the...

4.9K Downloads Updated Apr 23, 2017 Created Apr 15, 2017

Adds better Engines and fuel tanks to KSP

126K Downloads Updated Dec 17, 2014 Created May 7, 2014

Lazor System is an advanced targeting and guidance system with a lot of functions bundled...

290 Downloads Updated Apr 12, 2020 Created Mar 29, 2020

Realistic mining chains for mod fuels. Electrolysis, Sabatier and more

10.4K Downloads Updated Apr 16, 2018 Created Nov 2, 2017

A KSP Kopernicus Mod

460 Downloads Updated Feb 17, 2020 Created Feb 17, 2020

Parts mod with five SphericalTanks with 1.25 m base from 0.625 to 10 t. (612.5L...

7.2K Downloads Updated Jan 14, 2017 Created Aug 11, 2016

Adds several new stars and dozens of new exoplanets into Real Solar System, all of...

3.6K Downloads Updated May 20, 2020 Created Jun 21, 2016

Planet Wiki is an in-game reference sheet full of information on every celestial body in...

429 Downloads Updated Feb 23, 2020 Created Feb 17, 2020

An electrical parts mod adding two streamlined radially attached parts: one RTG and one Fuel...

36.7K Downloads Updated Oct 22, 2017 Created Jan 4, 2015

KSP translated into german

30.1K Downloads Updated Feb 8, 2020 Created May 22, 2014

With KSP .24 contracts out. The need for more contracts and a better economy...

331 Downloads Updated Feb 10, 2020 Created Feb 10, 2020

SimpleConstruction addon. Adds Mallet, Survey Stake, Recycler, Disposable Pad, Orbital Dock and Control Reference; and...

16.8K Downloads Updated Apr 19, 2016 Created Sep 30, 2014

Liquid Fuel and Mono Prop Synthesizer

29.8K Downloads Updated Dec 24, 2014 Created Dec 15, 2014

Aggregate mod that creates two other solar systems in the KSP universe

25.1K Downloads Updated Oct 9, 2014 Created Jun 12, 2014

Universal Storage provides modular resource storage for Stock KSP as well as add-on packs for...