Real Scale Boosters

60,096 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018 Game Version: 1.4.4

Real Scale Boosters - Parts Pack

Realistically scaled rockets, somewhat loosely based on real world counterparts, with reasonably accurate stats.

NOTE: This is still in alpha/beta state. Parts and features are still being added, and things can and will change.

Required Dependencies:

  • Module Manager

Highly Recommended:

  • Hangar Extender (practically a must-have)

  • Kerbal Joint Reinforcement

  • Real Solar System

  • FAR

  • Community Tech Tree (if not playing in Sandbox mode)

Currently Supported:


  • TweakScale

  • CommunityTechTree and/or SpaceY-Lifters's tech nodes


Simply copy the "RealScaleBoosters" folder into your GameData folder. If upgrading from a previous version, be sure to delete the old one from GameData first (this is the cleanest option).


These rocket parts ARE NOT stock balanced! They're using the real world mass ratios, thrusts, ISPs, dry weights, and so on.






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