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715K Downloads Updated May 15, 2015 Created May 30, 2014

The comprehensive launch vehicle construction pack

183K Downloads Updated Mar 14, 2018 Created Jan 28, 2015

A variety of additional rocket fuel tanks, mostly larger tanks, with several historically inspired colors...

104K Downloads Updated Jul 3, 2021 Created May 13, 2016

Lights for Self-Illumination

24.5K Downloads Updated Aug 19, 2020 Created Mar 18, 2018

Outer-space deployable habitat parts pack

94.7K Downloads Updated Apr 2, 2018 Created Dec 17, 2015

An optional add-on for the SpaceY Heavy Lifters parts pack, adding 7.5m parts, engines, and...

12.8K Downloads Updated Mar 2, 2021 Created Jul 19, 2020

North Kerbin Dynamic

73.2K Downloads Updated Jan 24, 2015 Created Sep 10, 2014

A 35-piece complete parts pack for KSP that includes the SpaceX Dragon V2, Dragon Cargo,...

5.8K Downloads Updated Jul 1, 2021 Created Mar 29, 2020

Micro Shuttle and Rescue Vehicle for three (3) kerbals

64.5K Downloads Updated Feb 19, 2021 Created Mar 6, 2016

This mod is intended to recreate, visually and functionally, the Endurance spacecraft from the movie...

111K Downloads Updated Sep 1, 2018 Created Aug 23, 2015

Yachts, Cargo Ships, Carriers, Paddlewheelers, RoRo's, Submarines, Tug Boats and lots more.

1.5K Downloads Updated Nov 23, 2021 Created Oct 2, 2021

Parts for the MoarKerbals mod for Kerbal Space Program

5K Downloads Updated Jul 5, 2021 Created Jun 22, 2020

A set of useful docking ports for Kerbal Space Program, originally by Captain Kipard.

89.1K Downloads Updated Feb 9, 2020 Created Jan 29, 2016

Low Part-Count Solutions and Modular Parts

62.9K Downloads Updated Oct 22, 2018 Created Feb 15, 2016

Parts Pack for Shuttle Building

37.5K Downloads Updated Nov 5, 2017 Created Feb 14, 2016

An expansion of the amazing BahamutoD's BDArmory, providing a set of naval weapon replicas and...

1.8K Downloads Updated Sep 16, 2021 Created Aug 2, 2021

Two part size zero (0.625m) autonomous return capsule to stuff your experiments in for Kerbal...

68.8K Downloads Updated Mar 12, 2018 Created Feb 14, 2016

Realistically sized and balanced rocket parts, based on real world rockets.

11.1K Downloads Updated Nov 13, 2019 Created Nov 13, 2019

Various new parts for a more streamlined Mk3 Spaceplane build

108K Downloads Updated Aug 9, 2015 Created May 5, 2015

A pack for stock-a-like and miscellaneous spaceplane parts!

45.7K Downloads Updated Feb 22, 2018 Created Oct 2, 2017

Nuclear weapons and heavy ordnance for BDArmory