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A modified tech tree with clearer choices and development. Supports CTT and mod parts.



  • Increased player freedom with more options available from the start: manned/unmanned rovers, manned rockets, probes, planes and drones.
  • Entry level tech offers the bare minimum to provide a fun and interesting challenge.
  • Tech development is based on finer levels of control and ease of use - not just increasing power.
  • The parts contained in each tech either work well together or are related in function. No more illogical groupings.


  • Receive 5 starting science points to choose between manned or unmanned tech.
  • Launch your first plane/drone with solid fuel boosters, and your first rocket/probe with mono-propellant... or go for a drive around KSC with a rover.
  • Earlier access to docking ports, RCS, cargo bays, ISRU and turbojet engines.
  • Points of entry to Mk2, Mk3, 2.5m and 3.75m parts from both rocketry and aviation lines.
  • Players are encouraged to lower the science rewards rate for a greater challenge - OpenTree has been balance tested down to 30% science rewards.


To install simply extract to your KSP installation directory. When installing for the first time, please start a new game.

Supports Community Tech Tree v3.2.1 (download separately) and all mod parts.

Please see the forum thread for more details.


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