Near Future eXploration

A mod pack for Kerbal Space Program, delivering a high quality expansion to the game's unmanned probes


A set of parts to help enhance and improve the KSP probe experience, particularly in the later game with larger probes

  • More Probe Cores: A set of eight new probe cores in medium (1.25m) and larger (1.875m) sizes.
  • Probe Bus Parts: Cargo bay-like parts that match the footprints of most probe cores (stock and NFX). Useful for storing batteries, fuel and the like
  • Probe Fuel Tanks: New multi-fuel probe tanks in stack and radial sizes that are in the vein of the stock Dumpling and Baguette
  • More Direct and Relay Antennae: More antennae that seamlessly fit into the KSP CommNet system to fill in missing ranges and add more interesting options.
  • Reflector Antennae: A new type of antenna that does nothing on its own, but instead bounces signal from another antenna to amplify its range. Point antenna at a deployed reflector to recieve the bonus. Available in many sizes.
  • Small Probe Parts: A few small probe parts (battery, reaction wheel) to fill out the probe range