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Good things come in small packages. Launch swarms of tiny, low-cost satellites when you're on a money or weight budget.

If you're interested in the currently-growing area of Nanosatellite missions such as CubeSats, this is the mod for you. While these Kubes may not provide the most science compared to other options, they're simple and inexpensive to make, costing between 160-500 Funds each depending on how you want to build it. Fly a swarm of 20 of them for less than 5000 Funds. They are very small and lightweight, having minimal weight impact on a rocket. You could even slap one on the side of another mission to get a little more from your launch. The experiments are designed to be repeated many times, so unless you want to spend a long time making one Kube do all the work, launching multiples is recommended.


More tweaks/updates to come... eventually.



I think I've now gotten this compatible with RemoteTech. More info in the forum thread.

Currently includes two experiments: A particle detector on the smaller-sized probe, and a combination magnetic field detector/particle detector on the larger one.

These Kubes are meant to reflect the simpler design of nanosatellites compared to larger and more complex satellites, so you can start flying them at tech level 4. Super-tiny reaction wheels take some extra tech to design however, so expect to be flying the probes without them at first until you get your research a couple levels higher.


Mod includes: 4 probes(2 each of each size, one with reaction wheels, one without

2 types of solar panels, sized for each probe type

A decoupler sized and tuned for very small probes

An antenna to match the probes

Two custom science experiments for the Probes to perform.


Version 2.2.3 (beta) includes a Kube that has antennas and solar integrated into the probe body. I hope this helps for those using KAS

It also includes a new antenna model that is less ambiguous in its deployment direction when stowed.


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