Micycle's BFR/Starship 5 metre Parts Pack

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019 Game Version: 1.6.1


Jan 8, 2019

Owner: micycle121


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Inspired by the BFR/Starship, but made to fit the stock art style as much as possible, use this pack for all your BFR creations! 



  • 5 metre Command pod Includes full interior and seats for 20 kerbals  Fully flyable in IVA with working instruments.
  • Three floors : Bridge. Communal Area with kitchen, gym, and plant life. Cabins with three bunks each and locker area.
  • Multiple Texture variants for most parts.
  • 5M Fuel Tanks.
  • Large 5 metre payload bay.
  • Landing legs and drag fins.
  • Fully integrated into Tech Tree so can be used in career mode.
  • Designed to work and fit in with base game parts as much as possible.

A Few Things 

This mod uses NearFutureProps by Nertea.
All of these assets belong to them and I take no credit for creation.
It is an excellent prop pack and I highly recommend it to other modders.
I have included this mod in the ZIP file for easy installation.


When using the landing legs Rigid Attachment MUST BE ON or they'll break pretty fast.

  1. To enable use of Rigid Attachment:
  2. Press esc in flight or at the space centre
  3. Click settings and scroll down to "Advanced Tweakables"

You should then have the option in the VAB and SPH.






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