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Uploaded by Sarbian
Uploaded Jul 5, 2015
Game Version 1.0.4
Size 2.87 MB
Downloads 4,768
MD5 606a6f7ca62ddc9b55cebd93d06d3ca4
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- Built for 1.0.4
- New AR202 model and DDS textures
- Smart A.S.S. has more options for some mods (axis control disabling, ...)
- Live ascent path drawing on the ascent path editor
- Better use of control surface and auto tuning
- Persistent Rotation mod support
- Button to disable Mechjeb in the partmodule
- Lot of fix related to other mods compatibility (RF, Procedural Part, Procedural Fairing, ...)
- Rework of the Staging Stats window
- G force info Item
- Many bug fix