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Uploaded by MuMech
Uploaded Apr 27, 2015
Game Version 1.0.0
Size 3.70 MB
Downloads 116,571
MD5 0ff799930f02ca6c89f501f64e038510
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- Moved DeltaV simulation to use KER code
- Landing Sim code use KSP 1.0 aero model. However parachute are not properly accounted yet.
- Display Landing prediction trajectory on the map view
- Differential throttle control module
- Warp to suicide burn and to atmospheric entry
- Ascent AP Auto deploy solar panels (also an InfoItem)
- Visual display of CoM and various velocity in the attitude menu
- Improved velocity computation based on CoM instead of active pod
- SMARTR module for RCS with hold relative velocity for now
- SmartAss action can be set as vessel Actions
- Improved node burning over multiple stages
- Career limit related new infoItems
- Some performance improvement
- Reduced memory usage (lower garbage collection)
- A memory leak fixed
- the usual various bug fixed

- and fixes for KSP 1.0 release