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Uploaded by MuMech
Uploaded Jul 17, 2014
Game Version 0.24
Size 4.10 MB
Downloads 34,633
MD5 8745e71efa23187d447630f048c9c471
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  • Compatible with KSP 0.24;
  • 0.24 changed some Parachute code. MJ landing with parachutes will be less precise until Squad fix a bug;
  • Hohmann transfer calculation to always find the first window;
  • Burn with RCS when not other engine is available;
  • Ascent AP can now schedule launches at interplanetary transfer windows;
  • More work on the docking AP;
  • Make orbital calculations compatible with RSS;
  • Add "Escape Velocity" info item;
  • Adds SUN as a Reference for ASAS adv mode;
  • And many bugs fixed;