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Uploaded Jun 16, 2014
Game Version 0.23.5
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0.16 Update

Whats new?

THIS IS SAVED GAME BREAKING. Due to the implementation of the new TweakScale, this will break your saved game. You've been warned. You can edit your saved game and replace the parts yourself but it will require a lot of work. You've been warned. From here on, there should be no other breaking updates.

  • TweakScale is now implemented. 1 part, 3 sizes!
  • Min Translate(or Rotate if using a rotational part): minimum travel a part can make.
  • Max Translate(or Rotate if using a rotational part): maximum travel a part can make.
  • stepIncrement: defines the increment at which you step through the translate/rotate part.
  • Coarse speed: a multiplier to the base speed (formulate is CoarseSpeed * FineSpeed * CustomSpeed(as denoted in the textbox for the servo control window)
  • Fine Speed: a multiplier to the base speed
  • Invert Axis: changes direction of the movement
  • Engage Lock: locks the part from moving
  • Rotate Limits: Only for rotational parts, if you enable this then limits are enforced. You can make a rotatron only move between -45 and 45 degrees for example.
  •  (not pictured is the Rotate Limits toggle for rotational devices)
  • The GUI has been revamped as well: Non-Toolbar users (seriously, it's time to start using it) will have to deal with the UI showing up the whole time. Just move it to the size of the screen. Toolbar is included, if you don't like it, delete it and enjoy the windows always up. The "close" buttons will not show up for the Servo Control or the Servo Group Editor. If I'm in a good mood, I may add hide/show functionality for the "non-toolbar" users but toolbar's footprint is so small, just use it!