Lander and Probe Pack

34,807 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 28, 2014 Game Version: 0.24.2

 Thor Pole Explorer (Phoenix probe replica)

 Valkyrie probe (Viking probe replica)

 Evera probe (Venera replica)



 Kerbnik (Sputnik replica)

 Zeus Space Telescope (Hubble telescope replica)

 Hermes Deep Space Probe (Voyager replica)

 Munar Orbiter(Lunar orbiter replica)

 Atlas (Cassini-Huygens replica)

 All probes and landers have science instruments.


Hull cam is hightly recommanded to play this mod (Zeus and Munar Orbiter first personn view).


In the next updates:

- Surveyor (project)

- Other probes

Follow updates and report issues to the official developpement thread.


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