KSP Interstellar Extended

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Filename KSPIE 1.23.0 for KSP 1.3.1.zip
Uploaded by freethinker79
Uploaded Sep 10, 2019
Game Version 1.3.1
Size 176.49 MB
Downloads 50
MD5 710a15ae2b897e19573777e96c1de1f4
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* Added Icons for Photovoltaics and Extreme Nuclear Propulsion (by Tonas1997)

* Added Reactor embrittlement resale cost

* Added Charged Particle Utilisation upgrades to Fission Fragment Reactor

* Added HALBERT Chemical Engine with more 12 air and LFO modes

* Added 9 Fuel Modes to Deinonychus 1-D 

* Added Tweakscale to Cylotron 

* Balance Fix: lowered NSWR isp and increate unlocking requirements in Tech tree

* Balance Fix: Increased Reaction speed Magnetised TargedFusion Reactor

* Balance Fix: Prioritised Lithium Deuteride above Deteurium in Deuterium-Tritium fusion Mode

* Balance Fix: Reduced mas scaled up RCS Parts

* Balance Fix: increased upgrade tech requirements Pebbledbed

* Balance Fix: improved power output Plasma Antimatter Power Reactor

* Balance Fix: increased core temperatures Magnetised Target Fusion Reactor

* Balance Fix: changed tech requirement Habitat Ring to long Term Habitation 

* Fixed Wasteheat problem when going to the thermosphere

* Fixed CampactThermal Power Generator ability to power MTF and FFR

* Fixed Water Absorbtionfor Microwave Transcduser in Ka Microwave Band

* Fixed issue with Pesistant heading where it would drop out of timewarp while it shouldn't

* Fixed issue with Antimatterflow and Beam Coe Antimatter reactor not providing enough thermal power that can be converted into electri power

* Fixed issue with Magnetic nozzle runingout of propellant while there is plenty

* Fixed some localization issues

* Fixed Tri Alpha not able to power electic engine