KSP Interstellar Extended

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Filename KSPIE 1.22.5 for KSP 1.7.3.zip
Uploaded by freethinker79
Uploaded Aug 9, 2019
Game Version 1.7.3
Size 177.01 MB
Downloads 2,363
MD5 f4a7882707cdd761273dc2d892d36663
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* Added new Icons for several High Technodes in the KSPIE extended CTT (by Tonas1997)

* Added Full Persistant SAS support to electric engines and thermal and plasma nozzles

* Added Science Tech leveled Storage bonus to Science Lab

* Added New Science Tech Icons (credits by Tonas1997)

* Added Tweaks for Unkerberbaled techtree

* Added GroundContruction Workskopability to Centrifuge Habitat

* Added Graphene overheating resistance during descent

* Added Advanced Mobile Lab

* Added Aditional Chinese Localization

* Added Ultra Density Deuterium Fusion Mode to Tri Alpha

* Added Performance boost for Atmospheric Thermal Propulsion Modes when connected with precooler

* Balance: Extreme Density Fusion Reactions technode to Ultra High Density Fusion Reactions

* Balance: Made Thermal Electric Effect Generator unlocked with Nuclear Power and lowered efficiency

* Balance: Renamed Kerbstein into "Rocinante" Epstein Fusion Drive and replaced main fuel Lithium Hydrate by LqdDeuterium

* Balance: Renamed Solid Fission Reactor to Liquid Methal Cooled Reactor and increased initial Core Temperature

* Fixed electric only vessels incapability to generate electric  power

* Fixed NERVA fuel mode selected, limiting it to neutral and reducing propellants (by Tomas Brada)

* Fixed issue with Thermal Nozzle when not connected to a reactor