Kerbiting Planets

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Kerbiting System

This planet pack, which has officialy released, is a planet pack that rearranges all the planets in the stock Kerbol System. In later versions more planets and moons will be added and a lot more will come! This is what I let you guys decide. I like to make a planet pack which makes people as happy as possible. For that to happen I need your advice on what to do/add/edit. Very important to know is that this is my first work. So if any bugs are encountered, report them immediately! Let me know what you think and give me some advice on what to do next! I'll make a poll to know what you guys want to see next. 



Pictures of my planet pack



What should I add or change in the next update?


Installation instructions:

Just place the "Kerbiting System" folder inside the "GameData" folder.


This mod requires Kopernicus and ModuleManger to work. You can find more information and install those mods here: Forum Thread


Thanks for downloading and have fun with my work! Big credits to the developers of Kopernicus and ModuleManager of course! Please leave a comment. I could really use some feedback


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