Kerbal Inventory System (KIS)

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2018 Game Version: 1.5.1


Mar 14, 2015

Owner: ihsoft

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KIS introduces a new gameplay mechanics by adding a brand new inventory system and EVA usable items. You wanted to build a rover on Duna from the scratch? Now you can... 

Main features:

  • KAS inventory system overhaul.
  • Visual and user friendly inventory interface using drag and drop system.
  • Unique EVA usable items as Screwdriver, Explosive charges or extra EVA fuel tank...
  • Use tools to attach or detach part from your vessels in flight.
  • Use tools to build rockets, rovers or anything else from parts stored in containers in flight.
  • Inventories for Kerbals.
  • Stock alike containers and parts.
  • Containers Mounts for easy container detachment and reattachment.
  • Item stacking.
  • Sounds effects.
  • Clear code and .cfg modules to help other modders items creation.
  • Standalone (KAS and ModuleManager is not needed).


You have to install the dependency mods to make KIS working as expected:

If you install via CKAN these dependencies will be installed automatically.

If you install manually the release archive has some versions of MM and CCK, they may or may not work in your game. Consider updating to the latest versions.

For more information on KIS installation and details see KSP forum thread


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