HTV (H-II Transfer Vehicle "Kounotori") Pack

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Uploaded Jun 11, 2017
Game Version 1.3  
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2017-06-11 v0.30
- Localization support:
     Japanese : Native
     English  : Manual translation
     Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese : Using Google translation from English
                         (I can't check if the translation is correct, or make sense.)
- "HTV pressurized carrier module" is modified:
     to support carrying ore
     to be able to jettison fuel
- Fixed bulkheadProfiles property for most parts.


2016-10-16 v0.21
- Fixed a bug that prevented from working on KSP 1.2.0
- Added internal antenna for HTV avionics module.
- Re-arranged categories of some parts for KSP 1.2.0
- Fixed wrong texture settings in a fairing part.
- Other minor fixes


2015/08/18 v0.20
**** IMPORTANT NOTICE: Not compatible with the previous version. ****
**** Overwriting to existing save files destroys craft files     ****
**** made with v0.10 or earlier.                                 ****

- Changed licence to Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. (CC BY 4.0)
  You can redistribute modified version of this MOD (for e.g., RSS compatible version)
  as long as you follow CC BY 4.0.
- Fixed a bug that prevented from working on KSP 1.0.x.
- Parts are no longer rescaled. They are provided in real size.
- Add TweakScale.cfg for TweakScale. You can resize parts size if you want
  smaller or bigger size.
  * TweakScale (Author: MTGS_User140790) is not included. Please install from below link.
    URL :
- New faring part for H3 Launch Vehicle is added, though it's unsure
  if H3 will launch the HTV.
  (H3 is included in my another MOD "Japanese Launch Vehicles Pack")
- Added "Agencies" directory. (can be used from "filter by manufactures")
- Compatible with "Carrier mode" and "Science mode".
  (Added "TechRequired" and "entryCost" in parts.cfg files)
- Changed texture file format to DDS, which will reduce loading time and
  memory consumption. (I hope)
- Some parts changed its parameters.


2014/08/24 v0.10
- Initial release.

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