Hot Beverage Inc. - Parts pack

2,586 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 9, 2014 Game Version: 0.25

Due to advanced laziness and the unexpected disappearance of the Spaceport (really funny, bring it back!), Hot Beverage Inc. presents the all-in one, ultragalactic, teabaggingly glorious parts pack!
Does it only contain the legendarily bad Kerturn IB part set? Noooooo! Next to the head-turning, heart-burning and meeting-adjourning Kerturn, you'll also get our "three size fits almost everyone (except your mom)" sensor and fuel cell modules!

That's right! Sensor and fuel cell modules with a 1.25 or a 2.5 or a whopping 3.75m diameter! With these two modules combined, you can do more science than a grad student! Awesome! To keep the suspense up until the last second, we're not even including promotional images!

But we've got one for the Kerturn from a tasteful photoshoot from the last year (we're keeping the nudes though...for science...reasons)!

See these curves?! We do, and we love 'em!

To keep even more of the suspense up, we've randomly shuffled the pricing, so your rocket construction sessions in 0.24 are just as intense as a really, intentionally intense moment! Guatranteed! Or not!


If you decide to get a taste of some Hot Beverage Inc. goodness (we know you want to!), download the archive and unzip it into your KSP's "GameData" folder.


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