Goodspeed Aerospace Parts v2014.4.1B

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This is an upload of the Goodspeed Aerospace Parts pack by Gaius, uploaded by myself since it's no longer available at Spaceport, I had a copy of the zip file and Gaius seems to be no longer available.  The zip file is the exact same one that was in Spaceport, no changes were made to it.  Full description from the thread at KSP forums follows:

This pack is an assortment of vaguely stock-alike parts, many tweakable, most requiring no additional texture memory (they mostly have unique models, but reuse stock part textures to save memory and achieve a stock-alike look). I've been adding my own parts to the game for about a year, filling in holes I thought needed to be filled but either weren't filled by other mods, or the other mods weren't stock-like, or required more memory than I wanted to use. The parts to be found in this pack are:

  • Seven command pods. When I started playing KSP, there were no 1.25m and 2.5m probe cores, so I made some. Later, some were added, but the torque was too small to be useful for rockets of that size, so I kept using mine. Then they added reaction wheels, so in theory you could add a stock core and a reaction wheel, but I kept using mine anyhow because I'd grown attached to them. I also added a large space station hub and a tiny radial attached probe core. For self-assembling space stations, I created a docking port welded with control parts to minimize part counts, and finally I adopted a rescue dog, err, part that had been dropped from a previous version of KSP. Added 2014-04-01: the DSC-1 Deep Space Capsule, a spherical command pod holding up to three kerbals, but usable unmanned too.
  • Seven fuel tanks. I wanted some spherical tanks, and in multiple sizes, but I didn't want to clutter up my VAB parts menu with a big list of tanks in different sizes, so I developed tanks that only take one icon on the VAB parts list, but can be placed and then five different sizes chosen from (depends on the included GoodspeedTweakScale plugin). Available in gold and orange. Also, nose caps that contain fuel and also double as size adapters, vaguely Soyuzish side tanks, and a couple of useful welded multitank parts. Added 2014-04-01: A large orange "pill-shaped" tank.
  • A bipropellant RCS block. In real life, not all RCS uses monopropellant, so I wanted a bipropellant option. This part is another rescue part, adopted from an older version of KSP and repurposed.
  • Three hexagonal truss pieces for constructing deep space craft.
  • Two radial decouplers. Both allow side-mounting stuff, neither leaves behind residue on the central tank, one uses a swept pylon design because it looks cool.
  • Two radial attachment points. These are just resizes on the stock 1.25m part, one for 625mm parts, and one even smaller, meant to be used the way you currently abuse cubic octagonal struts without requiring as much space.
  • A nosecone designed to fit the stock large SRB and actually look good.
  • Four power generators. A PB-NUK supplies a lot more power than I really need most of the time, so I made the ZAP-01 RTG, a radial RTG that only weighs 10kg (as opposed to the PB-NUK's 80kg), but is less efficient (only 4.8/min). On the other hand, when dealing with things like electric engines, an RTG simply cannot deliver enough power, for that you use actual nuclear reactors, like the SAFE-400, so I made three actual nuclear reactors, delivering 100kW, 200kW, or 400kW of power.
  • A larger Xenon tank, for using with those electric engines. Eventually I made it resizable like the tanks above, so it's both larger and smaller, depending on your needs.
  • Docking ports with lights! Actually, these are just standard docking ports with standard lights welded on. Since I do this with every docking port on my stations, and my stations usually have ridiculous numbers of docking ports, this really helps reduce my part counts. But these parts in particular are next on my list of things to replace with custom models.
  • Test weights! I like to test and rate my subassemblies, so I can just look at the weight of my payload and select the appropriate lifter, so I wanted some nice test weights, but existing packs added too many parts. With the addition of tweakables to the game, we can do better. This pack has three weights, one for tenths of a ton, one for tons, and one for tens of tons. Just grab the appropriate magnitude weight and adjust the slider.
  • Rocket parts tank and warehouse. I used to use these with the Orbital Construction mod, since it came with parts that were visually identical to stock parts (and had absurd stats). I've since switched to Extraplanetary Launchpads, but I keep using these parts as I like them better than what EPL comes with. (Although with Baha making parts for EPL now...)
  • Radial science storage container.
  • Orbital ore detector. The third and last of my "rescue parts", this was an antenna in a previous version of KSP, which I repurposed to have a usable ore detector (same stats as the larger kethane detector).

Made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Source code for the GoodspeedTweakScale plugin is in the Plugins folder.




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