[0.90] GameShare - Craft [0.1.2] ALPHA

307 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 20, 2015

This plugin lets you download and upload vessel! You can share any vessel who is stock-parts.

It use a web server, so there is no communication between the players !

info shared: author, screenshot, name of vessel, number of parts, type (VAB or SPH), date.
It check too if you have the last version of GameShare - Craft.

Coming soon: vessel non-stock, vote, in-game message, type filter

*Fix problem on application launcher image
*Fix display adjustment
*Added edit and delete vessel
*Added server test (for best update check)

v0.1.1 --> initial release

If you see any problem (bug, spelling mistake, other), please send me a message. Thx in advance
(English is not my native language)

Source in ZIP file.
All rights reserved.