Fuel Tanks Plus

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Fuel Tanks Plus - Parts Pack

What is "Fuel Tanks Plus" exactly? Simply, it's a set of fuel tanks that are 1.5x the length of the largest stock tanks in each diameter, plus fuel-filled nose cones for those diameters. These tanks are meant to give you some visual choice of styles that are loosely inspired by real-world rockets from NASA and ESA, while maintaining the style established in the Color Coded Canisters mod (since CCC replaces stock visuals, any "new" tanks should be spun off into a separate pack, and hence we have FTP).

Cooperates with other mods:

  • TweakScale
  • AVC (Add-on Version Checker)

Part of the NecroBones suite of mods, that work nicely together:

Design Goals

  • Provide some new visual styles, to dress up the booster sections of your rockets.
  • Help mildly reduce part count and wobble, by providing larger tanks.
  • Be as memory efficient as possible. Each diameter has a shared texture to keep memory usage low.
  • Follow the same colors and artistic style established in Color Coded Canisters.


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