Fenrir L(a)uncher Pack

1,721 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 19, 2018 Game Version: 1.3.1

This a new launcher which allow you to use only on stage so as to be in orbit arround kerbin at 150 km and rescorver this stage (without the SRB).

With this mod, try to don't keep lot of trash arround kerbin so as to don't pollute the spacelow arround kerbin. (and with this you can rescorver lot of money :) )


After create a rocket like this (you need to add parachut and AirBreak for the reentry), you need to create a stage (the first (picture = 11 stage)) with only the Loki V2 Engine because this engine need of 7 sec to be a the max Thrust.

Lift of !!!!!!

At 38 km or 41 km, cut of Sigyn EAP, and you have like speed 1500 m/s (you have a litle burn on your rocket, all is normal), your speed continue to be faster but slowly (normal). You need to wait so as to have a apoapsis

at 150 km.

Always with the same stage, circulize your orbit arround kerbin. Now decouple and your RCS so as to be in retrograde.

Warning !!!!!! For rescover this big stage, you need to fall in the see (this is a big stage, it is heavy).

Active a reentry burn.

When you fall, you need to be at 900 m/s before cut your thrust, at 10 km activate your parachute and activate your thrust at 20%.

At 6km active your burn at 100% of thrust and fall in the see a 100m/s (engine destroyed yes) or 50m/s or 0m/s (engine destroyed no).

recover your stage.




The help is welcome



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