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Dres Plus - Revived


Have you ever thought that Dres is kind of boring? Do you wish that it had a visible ring like it does in KSP 2? This mod tries to solve the issue of Dres being boring and everyone over looking it. The Kerbol System is not too big anyways, so one planet can make a difference. This mod adds a few additions that will surely make your next trip to Dres (or your first one) more worthwhile.


Original Mod

-Resizes Dres to be 950km in radius instead of previous 138km

-Dres has rings

-Dres's orbit is more circular and less inclined

-Surface gravity of Dres is now 2.1G

-Dres spins very fast now

-Dres has 3 moons now


Dres Plus Revived:


-Dres is now around 4 times the size it is in the vanilla game, meaning that you will now have to deal with 0.4G's of gravity. I did this because I felt it would be more realistic since a dwarf planet really shouldn't have rings and I wanted Dres to have a Minmus sized moon

-Dres now has one moon, Avor. Avor is a moon covered in snow due to a long history of cryovolcanic activity

-Dres now has a radius of 438km

-Dres spins slightly faster than Kerbin

-And obviously Dres has rings now!

While all the core content in the mod is there, it is still in an somewhat early state. Avor's biomemap is still a heavy WIP.