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Davon Station Logistics Hub. The outsourcing solution for your resupply needs in the Kerbin locale. After transportation and proper activation of the Station Logistics Hub, it allows fuel resupply missions to the station to be undertaken by Davon industries on your request as part of Davon logistic services. Read manual before use. Limited to Kerbin and its moons. Delivery time may vary upon location. Terms of service apply. 

You can post any feedback in this thread on the kerbal space program forums: Davon Supply Mod

The intent of the mod is to provide an automated way for the at times repetitive chore of fuel supply missions but to do so in an acceptable and realistic non game breaking manner. Watch this Davon Supply Mod Spotlight by Kyle Kidd or read the description below.

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The model was created by KhaosCorp. (let him know if you like the model, it's always rewarding to receive some feedback)


Dry mass: 38
Category: Utility
Fuel capacity: LiquidFuel, 2880; Oxidizer, 3520; MonoPropellant, 750

The Station Logistics Hub, produced by Davon Tech Ltd, is an integral part of Davon logistic services. After transportation and activation of the station hub, to be executed by KSP as described in contract 14-4626, Davon will start to offer its very affordable logistic services(tm) as set forth in aforementioned contract in regard to the so deployed and activated station hub. Upon a suitable service request by KSP, Davon will employ automated spacecraft to resupply the asset and make available any such resources to KSP operations on location. Read manual before use. Limited to Kerbin and its moons. Delivery time may vary upon location. KSP compatible docking ports not included. Terms of service apply. Cost overruns will, presumably, not occur unless they do, regrettably, and lie with the emptor. The Station Logistics Hub will remain the property of Devon industries.

---Clearly an offer we can't refuse! (The drones used for supply are rated as the most sophisticated in their specific cost range according to their own manufacturer, but somehow they cannot be relied upon to locate the Medium Supply Station if it moves anything more than a legally very vaguely defined quantity. Davon will bill us even if they can't so please be somewhat careful.)



In combination with the plugin for the partmodule the station has the following features:

-The high dry mass of the station, it has no fuel to begin with, requires you to already have some decent heavy lifting capability to bring in into orbit.
-When not playing in career mode you will first have to supply it with several times the fuel capacity of the station. Unless you have some very serious heavy lifting capability you will have to make at least one or two additional fuel supply runs. When playing in career mode the station will activate upon pressing the supply button.
-To successfully supply-activate the station, it's orbit should remain stable throughout this phase. It will reset your progress to zero if is doesn't. (There's more than enough margin for small variations caused by repeated docking.)
-The activation is locked to the celestial body where the activation takes place. If is is towed to another SOI after activation it will perform a factory reset requiring you to activate it once more on location. This station is limited to Kerbin, Mun and Minmus.

-After activation a fuel delivery can be requested from the station. The amounts ordered will be based on the amount required to fill the station at the time of making the request. The fuel delivery is delayed and the delivery time is dependent on SOI, for example Kerbin 2 kerbal days, Mun 6. 
-After activation the station can be moved without serious consequence but during the time between request and delivery its orbit should again remain stable. Furthermore the station will fail to operate on an orbit which greatly exceeds the orbit on which is was activated. (There's an indicator giving you the relative altitude of your orbit in regard to this limit)

-In career mode you will be billed based on the amount of resources and the location of the station.

If you don't like the overall current implementation but do like the features of the partmodule, like delayed delivery and activation, you can add this partmodule to any part of your own. The resources managed by the partmodule, the maximum allowed orbit deviation, the required resource amount for activation and delivery times can be tweaked in the part.cgf file.

Source code is part of the zip.file



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