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2.6K Downloads Updated Feb 16, 2016 Created Feb 16, 2016

Additional Antennas for Remote Tech, Antenna Range and Telemachus(v 1.2)

4.9K Downloads Updated Oct 28, 2018 Created May 6, 2014

kRPC allows you to control Kerbal Space Program from scripts running outside of the game....

6.3K Downloads Updated Apr 30, 2015 Created Dec 28, 2014

A hubble like telescope mod.

16K Downloads Updated Dec 6, 2014 Created Jun 6, 2014

This pack includes 2 interstellar ships and lots of parts to build you own one.

5.5K Downloads Updated Oct 7, 2017 Created Jun 4, 2016

Parts Pack that includes ION RCS thrusters and Pulsed Plasma Thrusters.

6.6K Downloads Updated May 15, 2015 Created May 15, 2015

High speed recon-ssto

7.7K Downloads Updated Apr 25, 2016 Created Dec 18, 2015

Part pack to fill in stock niches. Includes 0.625m parts, Monopropellant engines, probe cores and...

30.2K Downloads Updated Jun 17, 2017 Created Aug 25, 2015

Adds new cockpit and drone core for the MK2 System

19K Downloads Updated Jan 24, 2015 Created Sep 10, 2014

A 9-piece, add-on parts pack for the SpaceX Launch Pack that includes the original DragonRider...

2.5K Downloads Updated Nov 22, 2015 Created Nov 22, 2015

SpaceX's famous Drone Ship

8.5K Downloads Updated Oct 3, 2015 Created Sep 27, 2015

The Farscape One module from the hit SciFi show.

5.8K Downloads Updated Mar 5, 2016 Created Feb 13, 2016

2.5m spaceplane parts with flat bottoms for lifting bodies

2.3K Downloads Updated Nov 7, 2016 Created Oct 22, 2016

A super efficient Xenon engine that can run on 1: 1X6 solar panel or 1:...

10.4K Downloads Updated Dec 28, 2018 Created May 18, 2014

Davon TC systems supply advanced throttle control capabilities: multiple additional throttles, additional engine settings and...

35.4K Downloads Updated Jun 3, 2016 Created Sep 1, 2014

A part pack aims to replace most of the stock parts in the game.

5.4K Downloads Updated Jun 13, 2015 Created Jun 13, 2015

Press 'P' to toggle all solar panels

23.7K Downloads Updated May 31, 2015 Created Jul 20, 2014

A set of stock like parts focusing primarily on various command pods and 1.875m rocket...

19.8K Downloads Updated Nov 9, 2014 Created Jun 18, 2014

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