257,799 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017 Game Version: 1.3

v0.3.0.0 Naval Combat Update!

  • New DLL Changes - Full reinstall required!

  • BDArmory Core : modularization of systems and features to ease integration for other mod makers

  • Performance refactor and garbage collection improvements for better memory utilization

  • New Features

    • Adding new weaponClass - SLW - Ship Launched Weapon - intended to target surface vessels (splashed) and submarines (splashed and underwater)

    • weaponClass.SLW is set by missileType torpedo or depthcharge

    • New "Sonar" Implementation - If RWRThreatTypes is Sonar will not detect flying vessels, only surface ships and submersibles

    • MAX_ACTIVE_RADAR_RANGE & MAX_ENGAGEMENT_RANGE added to settings.cfg for more control over ranged combat

    • Updated checks for Landed and Splashed to be more accurate and account for sumbersibles

    • Renamed "Ground" engagement option to "Surface" to better reflect behavior

    • MM Patches updated for engagement options and torpedo types

    • Issue Reference #201 for Sonar, RWR Types, engagement Types, torpedo targeting

    • Increased Radar Range #170

    • Logic for Smart Targeting should correct #216

    • fixing issue with throttle mirroring when switching vessels

    • adding gaurd mode back to editor, Solves #156

    • Ballistic Missile guidance improvements

    • Terminal Guidance will switch back to GPS target if no radar target is found

      • Detonation damage code updated to correct for zombie missiles after OnCollision

      • Update of Test craft

  • New Parts

    • Courtesy of SpannerMonkey
      • BDA MK1 Sonar Pod
      • Sting Ray BDA LightWeight Torpedo
  • For a full complement of sonar,torpedos, depth charges and submarine parts see

  • Notes on Naval Combat Features

    • Current implementation of "Sonar" reuses the current Radar code. Future state will have dedicated windows and naming convention
    • Activating a "Sonar" pod still says "Activate Radar"
    • A Sonar is defined by setting the rwrThreatType = 6
      • Sonar rules
        • Will only detect vessels that are underwater (> 20meters)
        • Sonar will not function if vessel is in flight
        • Sonar does not detect "Landed" vessels, only splashed
        • Normal Radar does not detect underwater vessels, still detects "Splashed" i.e. Boats
    • Engagment type "SLW" only targets underwater (submarines) and Splashed (Boats)

As always, BDA need PhysicsRangeExtender to work properly: