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Athlonic Electronics / LCD - LaunchCountDown (Audio&Onscreen)

Bored of yelling the launch countdown yourself ?
Do you find the launch sequence a little ... lifeless ?

So here comes an enhancement for your launch clamps : an authentical launch countdown brought to you by Athlonic Electronics.

Installation :

- You just have to install the "LaunchCountDown" folder and the "ModuleManagerX.X.X.dll" file in your KSP "GameData" folder.

It will upgrade your KSP stock TT18-A Launch Stability Enhancer (aka launch clamp) with a countdown feature.
No additional parts needed thanks to the excellent "ModuleManager" plugin (included) from Ialdabaoth/Sarbian.
( credits and updates here : )

How it works ?

* When building your rockets, you can assign actions (Start Countdown and Abort Launch) shortcut key/button for launch clamps in the action group editor tab.
* When on the launch pad, just Push dah "Go Flight !" Button.

* Put your in-game engines volume around 25% for the best launch sequence experience

Be aware that it will auto-activate the launch stage once the countdown reach "Ignition" so plan your stage accordingly :
-> First stage : Engines AND launch clamps,
-> and do NOT wait ignition to put some generous throttle...

Mechjeb's autopilot users :
1. Setup your ascension profile,
2. Engage MJ autopilot,
3. Start the countdown,
4. Sit back and relax ^^

When using "Apollo Style" launch sequence :
1. You can set your first stage with liquid fuel engines, and your second stage with launch clamps and SRB.
2. This way you can spool up your main engines (at around 10% thrust) by activating your first stage when "engine ignition start" is announced at T-8 seconds.
3. Gently put generous throttle when "All engines running" is announced at T-1 second.
4. And wait for the release of the clamps and Lift-off !

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