[0.23.5] Ackander's Vertical TechTree

1,130 Downloads Last Updated: May 13, 2014 Game Version: 0.23.5

Meet KSP's first Vertical Technologies Tree:

 Using r4m0n's TreeEdit plugin I redesigned the TechTree in KSP from the ground... up. Literally, during the redesign I fashioned all the nodes into a tree shape. Now, trading aesthetics for utility, I have arrived at the tree's present form, seen below. I divided the parts, both stock and a lot of mod parts, into logically categorized disciplines. Although most engineering, technologic, and scientific disciplines separate into individual linear paths, there are multi-discipline requirements to acquire more advanced hardware throughout as well as mod-craft specific

It is my hope that many play-styles can be experienced without discomfort while using this TechTree; with only the usual .cfg tweaking to acclimate the various mods with one another of course. Because of this, the purpose to the TechTree itself is merely to organize as many parts possible into a logical and concise system of ordered disciplines, as well as order the parts in such a manner as to introduce a balance between difficulty and science grindiness. At the start of the tree, only basic capsules and a truss section are available to the Kerbals, begging the question: are the Kerbals intelligent (or patient, whichever) enough to do the thinking necessary to take to the stars and explore the vast Kerbolar System? (hint: this should be the hardest part of this TechTree.. hopefully). The total required science for the entire tree is now 24,415. I decreased the costs of several areas of the tree to account for there not being enough to gain by spending so much science at once. I am hoping this is not a problem. Plus, just like the Stock TechTree, this TechTree will have some blank nodes if you do not have every mod installed that I do, decreasing overall science costs.

That said, this TechTree does not require any mods to play with, as there are minimal gaps of non-stock part only nodes between nodes with stock parts in them. Also, since all stock tech nodes are incorporated, any mod parts that sort into the stock TechTree will do so with this TechTree as well, with relative logistisy.

Release v1.15.45.c adds some nodes that only contain craft specific parts, such as Wayland's WT-51 Transport or the spacecraft and rockets from Bobcat's historical packs. For now, all the parts for a single spacecraft/rocket reside together in one node, but eventually the parts will be seperated into new nodes based on discipline, with appropriate requirements for each.

Leave any questions, comments, and suggestion you may have, including if you need support for a mod not listed below for whatever reason.

To all mod developers I want to give a sincere thank you for all the time and effort you put into your work, as well as Squad for making KSP and including such fine modding support. Thank you!


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