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Play with a bunch of QOL informational augmentations, does not require anybody else in game to be using this mod.


  • When moving your piece, get a preview of LOS from other squares
  • When picking up an enemy or another player, see their current LOS and movement range
  • When using turret-like abilities and summons, see LOS they would have
  • When picking up a player piece, see card count and available cards in the stats window
  • See in-store sell price of cards in the player piece stats windows
  • When picking up an enemy, see chance of panic in response to kills/fire and berserk threshold
  • Show cooldowns on enemy abilities
  • See enemy AI behaviors in stats window
  • Limited support for non-VR players (shows only personal LOS stuff)


Requires MelonLoader be installed first:


Following are the meanings of enemy AI behaviors displayed in the stat swindow.  Monsters will try behaviors from their list in order until their turn is complete. I.e. some behaviors like "heal" don't take an action and won't finish their turn, so after executing that they are free to continue down the list. Monsters will generally end their turn immediately if executing an attack, unless they are in a berserk state.

 Note: closest/most-hurt target means closest target, with ties being broken by total damage taken (not including armor damage).

 Note2: (random roll) means there is a percentage chance for this action to be taken assuming all other prerequisites are met. These percentages are an attribute of the specific abilities the monster has. Some abilities are 100% chance.  Percentages will be shown in stats window if not 100%. 

  • HealFromFOW - If hidden in fog of war and health is at 1/4 or less, drink health potions.
  • FleeToFOW - Run away to fog of war if have stolen goods and attacked twice, or if health is 1/4 or less. Must be able to reach fog in 4 turns.
  • HealAOE - If health at 2/5 or less, cast Healing Light.
  • FleeAndHeal - If health is 3/4 or less, run away to fog of war and drink health potions. Must be able to reach fog in 2 turns.
  • Heal - If health is 2/5 or less and visible to players, drink health potions.
  • AbilityBuildUp (random roll) - Use buildup abilities on closest/most-hurt target.
  • EarthShatter (random roll) - Use EarthShatter if closest/most-hurt target can be reached in one move.
  • SpawnBuildUp (random roll) - If currently not in fog of war start building up a spawn.
  • VerminFrenzy (random roll) - If 4 or more rats are visible, use frenzy on closest/most-hurt target.
  • RootWall (random roll) - Use Root Wall on closest/most-hurt target.
  • SpawnPiece (random roll) - Use a spawn ability.
  • WaterDiveRetreat - If health is below 1/2, there is a player within 6 squares, and there is water at least 8 squares away, use water dive on a water tile.
  • RangedAttackHighPrio (random roll) - Check all available ranged abilities and use one if can get into range to shoot closest/most-hurt target.
  • LeechMelee (random roll) - If missing any health and closest/most-hurt target can be reached, use melee leech attack on them.
  • SlimeFusion - If there are less than 4 giant slimes visible merge with a reachable small slime. Only player-visible slimes will participate in fusion.
  • FollowPlayerRangedAttacker - If we are not in range to shoot someone, track players with heatmap to find someone to head towards.
  • FollowPlayerMeleeAttacker - If we are not in range to melee someone, track players with heatmap to find someone to head towards.
  • GuardPost - If been away from guard post for 2 or more turns, head back toward guard post.
  • Swarm - If visible rats is at least 2, swarm around nearest rat's nest.
  • CastOnTeam (random roll) - Use a friendly ability on an ally within range.
  • SupportUnit - Support a leader unit from shadows (leader units are either specified, or one will be elected from most powerful ally around). If cannot see current leader, move toward them. If near leader but not in fog of war, 35% chance to attempt to move into fog.
  • HostileTowardsEntangled - If one or more attackable targets (friends included) are tangled, randomly choose one of them to target with attacks.
  • Javelin - Throw javelin at an enemy.
  • AttackAndRetreat - If closest/most-hurt target is reachable, move and use a melee attack, then run away.
  • KeepDistance (random roll) - If not berserked and have a ranged attack with min range, get into proper range and attack closest/most-hurt target.
  • ChargeMove - Use Charge on closest/most-hurt target if they can be reached with it.
  • PikeAttack (random roll) - If not in fog of war, attack closest/most-hurt target with a ranged attack if it's possible to get into range.
  • AttackPlayer - If closest/most-hurt target is reachable, move and use a melee attack.
  • StationaryAbilityBehaviour (random roll) - If closest/most-hurt target can be hit without moving by an ability, do so.
  • RangedSpellCaster (random roll) - Check all available ranged abilities and use if can get into range to shoot closest/most-hurt target.
  • Patrol - If closest/most-hurt target is attackable, attack them. Otherwise pick a random map destination and wander towards it.