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House Rules

House Rules

Set your own challenges and be the Dungeon Master of your own game. Make your own rules and challenge your friends.

HouseRules applies customization to many settings, values and toggles used within the Demeo code.

  • Change the size of your card hand (Skirmish Mode Only)
  • Adjust HP, AttackDamage, ActionPoints etc on a per-character basis
  • Scale gold/mana/chests up/down
  • Change starting cards dealt and max-cards allowed
  • Add/Adjust AOE effects for abilities.
  • Remove/add casting cost for cards
  • Beat-the-clock Game Timer modes
  • Specify cards distributed to players
  • Change immunities for different pieces
  • Prevent enemies respawing
  • Keep the exit locked until all of the enemies are dead
  • ... and many more.

See the HouseRules section of the main readme for more information.




Unzip the contents of the ZIP file into your game directory.