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Tired of having to work your way through that annoying dropdown menu every time you want to check something on a different map? Then WoWMap is for You! It makes the world map feel more like the map in World of Warcraft for easier handling and displays maps inside of instances as well.


  • Easy Handling:
    Switch from one map to another with an easy to use interface:
    • Left click an Icon on the map to switch directly to that map. i.e. you can change to the map of the forsaken abbey by clicking its icon on the map of Silverspring.
    • Right click somewhere on the map, to "zoom out" of that region. i.e. if you are viewing the map of Varanas, you would switch to the map of Silverspring.
    • The old functions of the map are still available, you just have to hold down the shift key on your keyboard to perform them.
  • Additional Maps
    Custom maps to fill the gap (continent maps, Dalanis).
  • Points-Of-Interest
    It has an easy interface for addon developers to add custom icons to the maps.
    Recommended side project: WoWMap-POI (it is required to disjoin quest and dailyquest npc-icons on custom maps)


Original version was made by DaKhaa, Dusk03, Mavoc, McBen, Lestat and PetraAreon.


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