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vActionBar Fix


Purpose of adding this for CoA is lately changed  tooltip titles in-game.


This addon enables saving and restoring of action bars based on primary/secondary class combination, something Runewalker forgot to implement. It also enables save/restore by command for situation based, custom action bar setup, e.x. PVP action bars.


  • Save/load of actionbars for PrimarySecondary class on class swap
  • Command based save/restore (/abar save, /abar load)
  • Saving of skills
  • Saving of transport point
  • Saving of partners (mount/pet)
  • Saving of macros
  • Saving of items in backpack
  • Saving of set-skills
  • Saving of links to worn gear (ex VN cape)


The save/load command can take an optinal name, it defaults to save/load for class. I.E. to save a pvp action setup you can use "/abar save pvp". Valid commands for /abar is save/load/list.

Thx to ehysta for his post on skill saving/restoring which is the basis for this addon. Ref http://forum.us.runesofmagic.com/showthread.php?t=69888&p=520482&viewfull=1#post520482

Known cavats

  • Addon doesnt handle set-skills in action bars