PlantCare is the most advanced planting add-on available for Chronicles of Arcadia


  • Shows status of plants on all of your chars and when they'll be ready to harvest
  • Automatically plants seeds directly from your backpack
  • Automatically puts water/fertilizer into appropriate slots as needed (not from arcane transmutator)
  • Feeds and waters your plants automatically when you click on them or on special button
  • Automatically harvests plants when you click on them after they are ready
  • Graphical configuration
  • Shows current crafting level, Pot type & level, as well as Seed type & level
  • Show the possible harvest materials and the possible amount when buying the seeds
  • Saves last care time and calculated harvest time
  • Hides chat spam created from watering and fertilizing.
  • Messages now localized in several languages
  • Can automatically buy appropriate amount of water/fertilizer to fill an existing stack.
  • You will be informed when plants are ready to be harvested on any char.
  • You can even be informed when you have to care for plants.

Video: Harvesting and Planting


  • Autocare - If the autocare checkbox is set in properties, when you click on a pot it will automatically be watered/fertilized to the optimum level.
  • Long Time Care - If this checkbox is set you will overwater and overfertilize the plants. Useful, if you can't care for your plants a longer period of time.
  • Auto fill/buy water/fertilizer. While at the water/fertilizer merchant you will see a highlight of which water/fertilizer PlantCare wishes to purchase based on the selected level. You can increase this level using the arrows at the bottom right of the vendor window. If you click on the Buy Water/Buy Fertilizer button, any existing stack of the same will be filled. If there are no existing stacks, or the existing stack is already full then you will purchase a whole new stack.
  • Auto-planting. Click on an empty pot to bring up the planting window. Then <CTRL> click on a seed in your backpack. That seed will automatically be planted in the currently selected pot. You may also <ALT> click on a seed in your backpack to permanently select that seed, then you can just repeatedly click on the various pots you wish to plant that seed in. If you have autocare turned on, that seed will also be automatically watered and fertilized. If you wish to select a different seed to auto-plant, simply <ALT> click on a new seed. To stop auto-planting, <ALT> click on the previously selected seed.
  • Status. To see the status of your plants, click on any pot then click the Show Info button near the bottom right of the planting window or enter /apc or /plantcareng in any chat window. You can click on any of the plants in the list to find out the details.
  • Warning. You can also set a value in the settings dialog by which the water and fertilizer level can fall below the optimum before you get a message that you should care for your plants

This addon is belongs to _ForgeUser2126862 by CC v3 license

Author : Omnibrain