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**The code was forked from Fusion1.06[1]; credit to mikerunes for the initial interface and design for processing tier stones!**


OptiFuse turns the act of making tier stones into a trivial process.


There have been many performance and functional-related improvements over Fusion v1.06:



- Rewrote bag search for items to: use multiple caching layers, single-iteration bag scan for each tier to process, optimize item lookup.

- Changed transmutation to attempt until charges decrement by 1; added timeout for failure to transmute; automatic fix of stuck fusion stones.

- Removed redundant code for clearing Arcane Transmutor after processing a group.

- Inverted the search for empty bag space (i.e. search from the back of the bag to front).

- Various lua-specific performance enhancements (predefine globals, compile to 64bit, run own garbage collection, etc.)\



- Uses Chronicle's of Arcadia "SmeltMode"

- Supports Clean and Dirty stone options; Clean-only will not fuse dirty items OR tier stones together. Dirty-only will not fuse clean tier stones with dirty tier stones.

- Removed "Speed" slider option; the addon no longer requires artificial delays between putting item in Arcane Transmutor and creation of new stone.

- Addon runs continuously; loops back to first configured tier so you only need to hit start once.

- Defaults start with 999 in "f+i", "6", "7", "8", "9", "10", 11", "12" options.


**Other Notes**

- Addons which listen for the PLAYER_BAG_CHANGED and PLAYER_MONEY_CHANGED events can slow down the processing. LootIt and Lootomatic can especially cause performance issues; try disabling them in-game if you want to get better fusing speed.

- The addon is mostly PING dependent (the time it takes for server to respond that you successfully fused an item). I've seen players from EU fuse > 5 items per second with < 50 ping. In NA with ~150 ping most players can see 2-3 fusions per second, depending on computer performance.