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Only difference to Original version is updating for patch


"Lootomatic v1.3" - English

Lootomatic is an addon, which handles (probably) everything about looting and lootdistribution. It combines many functions of already existing addons under one easy controlable interface, but also provides many new functions, that haven't been available by now.


  • Auto-Backup:
    Now Lootomatic can auto backup your filter settings from the Global SaveVariable.lua in the one who exist per char. That is necessay because the Global crashed too often and some people dont't make a Backup every day
    You can turn this features on / off in the settings

  • Searching beyond the borders :
    You can search and edit beyond the border of your char now the filter settings. If you wish to add to another char you must type it with hand (CharName) like ist will display in the itemfilter list. You can turn this features on / off in the settings the display of other char

  • Rollingsettings:
    With this function it is possible to roll also on white items. That is intended for a fair distribution of runes during a run through an instance or farming items for dailyquests in cooperation.
    You can also change the rollsetting, when you are not in a party right now. At the moment you create a new party, the rollsettings will be automatically setted to your selection. So if you do one run through an instance after another, you dont have to set the same settings again and again.

  • AutoLoot:
    Killed monsters can be looted quickly, with the possibility to loot only items up to a specified rarity. In example it is possible to loot only white, green and blue items, while purple or rarer items wont be touched and remain in the bootywindow.
    There is an additional setting that disables autolooting for bossmonsters, plus you can disable it manually by holding down the shift key while looting the monster.

  • Autopass and Autogreed:
    When you are in a party and the loot is distributed by rolling, you have the possibility to let the addon do the rolling job for you. You can choose upto which rarity you want to pass or greed on an item. The appropriate selection will be highlighted until a selectable delay has passed.

  • Itemfilter:
    As looting- and rollingbehaviour based only on the rarity of the items is most off the time not enough, you can add a list of itemnames, that should be looted/rolled differently. You can also use some keywords that count for every itemname with the spcific type, i.e. $ammo for all types of ammunition, or $rune2 for Grade 2 runes.
    You can add these entries either in common for all of your characters, as well as special rules, that only count for the currently played character.
    Basically you can write all these itemnames into the list, but there are some functions that makes your life easier:
    You can rightclick every itemlink in the chat, where you will find an additional entry in the dropdownmenu, allowing to add a filterrule.
    There is always an extension of your bag, a small symbol located on the upper right corner, simply drag the item of your choice onto it.

  • Display Systemmessages of Lootomatic:
    You can select, in which tabs of the chatframe messages of Lootomatic get written and in which color. You can find this setting as usual in the chatsettings of the appropriate tab.

  • Hiding Rollresults:
    Especially when rolling on all rarities (even white), the chat gets overflooded with rollresult-messages. So there is a possibility to hide these lines for every possible rarity.

  • Change the position of RollFrames:
    You can alter the position of the rollframes, by placing the first of them and then adjust the distance between the others with a slider, either up or down.

  • Dropping Questitems:
    The newly integrated confirmation-diaglogue when dropping questitems has been replaced with the regular one. Its really annoying, to enter "delete" everytime you want to drop a questitem you dont need...

  • Controlable via a single Minimap-Button:
    The addon can be controlled via a single button, that shows the current settings in a tooltip on the one hand, and provides access to every setting via a dropdown.

  • Integrated in Addonmanager:
    The addon can be disabled via the Addonmanager, there is also an accesspoint to the Itemfilter.

  • Integrated in AddonConfig:
    When AddonConfig is installed, you will find the settings for Lootomatic in the ingame-settingsmenu.



Original addon created by PetraAreon