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What can it do?


This addon is designed to make some boss events easier or to provide clarification.


So far the world boss Zhargos and Phargos and Forsaken Abbey are supported.

For the world boss, every 10 seconds the hp in % is posted in the group if you are a tank.

For Abbey, you have a new button that you can press to free the captured player. You will also get a message when you have to free a player.

Post "Feared" in say-chat if you are feared.

Shows in party or say-shat when someone is playing tamb or lute.

This feature can be turned off or on with /music.



Please keep in mind that I will continue to develop it.

In the addon folder there is an Info.txt file in which you will find all the important information.


If you have any suggestions or ideas you can contact me.