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- aweseomdropdowns are implemented as lib so won't need to install it apart

- changed 5 by 5 craft to bulk craft, now it will be a lot faster by merging bulk craft feature of arcadia 

- doesn't throwing useless errors with arcadiautilities v2023



  • easy to use crafting of cenedril materials
    • click materials in cenedril frame to craft shown material
    • use crafting menu in magic box to craft on twinks
  • minimap button for quick pet exchange ( requires double click if changing 2 cenedrils, as function is blocked in arcadia :( )
  • zzinfobar Plugin
  • german, english, polish and spanish translation (?)

Known Issues

- combo function is disabled because it isn't working in arcadia, function blocked.


Cenedril Helper provides 2 ways for easy cenedril material crafting.

Using Cenedril Frame

Added functions to materials shown in the cenedril frame.

  • Left click to craft shown material if the itemcounter is 0
  • Right click to craft shown material
  • Ctrl and right click to open magic box and crafting menu

Using The Crafting Menu

There is a new button in you magic box to open the crafting menu.

Maximal number of materials you can craft will automatically be set after opening the menu or changing the material you want to craft.
When entering a value manually, the addon will check if you have enough materials to craft and enter required craftings automatically.
I case of insufficient materials, your input will be lowered to an valid number.

Minimap Button

ESCAPE -> Interface -> Addons -> Cenedril Helper

Button Menu

First Row

  • displays currently equiped cenedril pets (red if autp reequiping is deactivated, green otherwise)
  • Left click to manually reequip cenedril pets once
  • Right click to toggle auto reeqeuiping

Second Row

  • Open menu to quickly equip pets (see Pet Menu)

Third to X-Row (optional)

  • Saved pet combinations

Last two rows

  • Saved current pet combination by given name

Pet Menu

Quickly equip other cenedril pets

  • Left click to equip pet in slot 1
  • Right click to equip pet in slot 2

ZZInfoBar Plugin

Minimap button will be hidden if zzinfobar is installed. For features see Minimap Button

ZZInfoBar Settings

As always right click ZZInfoBar main button to open plugin settings.
Left click Cenedril Helper to open plugin settings.

Setting Reequiping Rate

Removed with version 1.0. (?)

Setting Crafting Speed

If zzinfobar is installed use plugin settings.
Otherwise use configuration menu ESCAPE -> Interface -> Addons -> Cenedril Helper


/run CenedrilHelper.SetCraftingSpeed(Seconds)
in chat where Seconds should be a number between 0.75 and 5.

Comboskill Macro

The best combination of cenedril pets does not necessarily give you a comboskill.
The following macro will automatically equip the best combination for a given comboskill, execute the comboskill and change back cenedril pets.

/run CenedrilHelper.UseComboSkill(SkillNumber,ActionNumber)
/wait 0.35
/run CenedrilHelper.UseComboSkill(SkillNumber,ActionNumber)

Change SkillNumber to:

  • 1 - physical comboskill
  • 2 - magical comboskill
  • 3 - heal comboskill

Change ActionNumber to the action bar slot where your comboskill is. REMOVED BECAUSE FUNCTION BLOCKED IN ARCADIA


Original addon is owned by Avondilieth with CreativeCommons 3.0.