Winter Wonderland will start downloading in 5 seconds...


Here’s some news that’s perfectly splendid -- ARK's Winter Wonderland event has ascended! Better jump in, so you’re not AFK when ol’ Raptor Claus comes around in his sleigh…

Find a warm spot to write a holiday letter. If you sleep by a Holiday Tree, even better. The nicer you've been, the better you'll get. Not so for the naughty, plus they'll soon face a threat!

Beware the Pegomastax Grouch! He’s after the goodies you’ve got in your pouch!

Set aside Rockarrots for a Wild Reindeer Ride, and display a Santa’s Workshop Smithy and Festive Forge this Yuletide! Dress up as Krampus to menace your tribe, Shiver, or make Snow Angels for a wintery vibe!

Important Information:

Some of the new event content skins available as rewards in this mod are not part of the core game files yet. This means that players will lose rewards that they had earned IF the mod is deactivated on servers (or singleplayer games) before we have migrated the content into the core game files in January.